Production Services

From the day I started releasing music (2001) I was already using aliases. Due to the diversity and quantity of my production output it was only viable if I used different names. Under this big variety of aliases, I gained a lot of success. That whole process naturally changed into a full ‘ghost/co’-production business. Something I have been doing for over 20+ years now. I’m happy to say that I have helped to boost a lot of DJ careers with the music that came out of my studio. With some even entering the DJ Mag top 100. I have helped artists to fill continues release schedules with fresh music so they can focus on what they do best. Entertain people with their DJ shows and work on their brand.

From this long experience I learned that no track is the same. Together we will discuss what your goals are and how they can be achieved. If you are interested in a custom track, send me a message below.