Vorwerk & Jørg - The Navigator

30 years ago in 1992, ‘The Navigator’ by ‘The Tellurians*’ was released. This track unexpectedly turned into a huge underground hitwhich helped shaped the emerging house and techno scenein Europe.Fast forward to 2022 where Vorwerk & Jørg dive into the studioto remake this classic tune.Maintaining the rawness of the original but addingeven more energy to the track,this will be a big festival and club tune for sure.(*Ferry Corsten, Robert Smit, John Matze, and Rene de Ruyter)

Latest Releases

Vorwerk hits the studio with Jørg and remakes this Techno classic from 1992 which started it all.

This hardcore classic from Dune has gotten a new twist by none other then Jeckyll & Hyde.

A nasty house pounder from your boy BURNR en Vorwerk, concocting a chemical reaction by pouring petrol over speakers and asking his devil’s advocate on vocals for a match.  A dirty, decadent, renegade stomp, ‘Molly’ probably isn’t the one to bring home to your parents.

Vorwerk returns with the tune of the summer. a nice UK house piano track paired with some amazing vocals.