Jeckyll & Hyde - Outside World

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Jeckyll & Hyde is back with another smash hit. This one will hit the clubs hard and brings you back to that euforic state of mind.

Vorwerk is known for having the skills to produce a vast amount of different music genres.

But this time he really surprises us by delivering a Liquid Drum and Bass cover of this 90’s super classic by ‘The Cranberries’.

The strong lyrics in this song contain a message about the impact of violence and conflict on individuals and society.

Something that remains relevant in today’s world. Maybe now even more than ever.

“With this cover, I hope the song reaches a new audience that can appreciate the timeless quality and relevance of the song – Vorwerk”

Relive this 1930’s classic in Jeckyll & Hyde Style.

Vorwerk & Jimmy Clash collaborate to create this ultimate festival anthem.

With a driving beat and an abundance of 303 acid basslines, this track is designed to get everyone pumped up.

Featuring high energy drops and an infectious 90’s style melody it’s the perfect soundtrack for any club or festival.

Vorwerk teams up with Jørg again for their new title

Rise of the Tuvan’.

A mainstage song which is blending genres like Techno, Psy-trance and Mainstage all together.

Vorwerk and Jørg team up to rebuild this 30 year old classic.