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Online 1-On-1 Lesson

Would you like to schedule an online one-on-one lesson to discuss your current project.

Do you have questions about the Music industry / Production / Mixing / Mastering?

Then this is perfect for you!

Online Courses

Follow a short online course.

Select the topic you want to learn on and book the course

This can be Live with an additional Q&A

or Pre-Recorded



Would you like to join me in my studio for a Full day Masterclass?

Check out to see when is the next available Date




Online 1-On-1 Lesson

Following an online lesson is easy. You don’t need to install anything. It all goes via your browser. Book an available date and time and you will receive a link which will take you right into our classroom. You will have the opportunity to upload stems and questions beforehand, so that everything will be up and ready when the lesson starts.

Make sure you have a proper Headphone for listening. And a Microphone for our communication, and you are all set.

Online Courses

If you want to learn more about a specific subject in your own time, you can find and select a topic of your interest and download the video.

Sometimes a scheduled live webinar will take place for which you can register. During these webinars I will discuss one certain topic and you will be able to ask me questions via the chatscreen as well. These webinars will be given for a max capacity of 25 people.


You can attend a full day Masterclass in my own personal studio in the Netherlands. Here we will discuss everything from Production to Mixing to Mastering and the Music industry on different levels. Intermediate and Advanced. Seats will be limited to 6 people max.

It’s also possible to do a longer 1-on-1 curriculum based program in my studio. For more info on that, use the contact form.