Vorwerk TipOfTheWeek

In March 2014 I started my weekly blog on Facebook.The #Vorwerk #TipOfTheWeek series.

With these tips I want to provide everybody the knowledge they need to 
become a better producer and give them a better view of the music industry.

My path was far from easy and if I knew then what I know now then it
would have saved me a lot of headaches.

Back when I started producing we didn’t have Youtube or the internet to
 look up theory or practical tips. So most of the stuff, I learned from trial
and error, life lessons and some from books.

I’ve written down more than 250 practical Tips and bundled them all 
together in two books.

All the tips in here are meant to help you underway. To form your mindset
towards your own practical approach.

To improve your mixing skills,
to see different approaches for the same problem, to make you a better
 producer and to make you aware of some of the business things you
 should know.

While producing and mixing you tend to forget some of the tricks over
time and by having these books in your studio it will keep you sharp and
 inventive to keep trying out new things.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this will
 be your ultimate handbook.


The holy grail of production

and mixing tips

We Rave You

“His ‘Tip Of The Week’ is one of the most sought after pieces of advice

Dancing Astronaut

“Consider it a road map from one of the most successful producers in the game”